J Money, LLC BBB Business Review
J Money, LLC BBB Business Review

Let’s start with the story of Ivan, a skilled salesperson of portable buildings.  Ivan’s customer needed storage, and a portable shed was the exact answer.  There was only one issue, this transaction was not going to happen without some type of financing.  Ivan helped his customer with a loan approval, and, to their pleasant surprise, the approval was for much more than the cost of the storage shed.  At that moment, the customer recalled how much they wished they could have their own fresh eggs from chickens in their back yard.  Coincidently, Ivan had a chicken coop on his sales lot and the extra approval dollars made the dream of fresh eggs possible for this customer.

It is a time-tested truth; payment options help consumers decide to buy and to buy more.  Home improvement companies and portable building dealers offering payment options convert more prospects into customers and increase their deal size. 

In the face of a slowing economy, our clients are growing in 2023.  More deals get closed if the customer has multiple payment optionsThe concept of BNPL (buy now, pay later) is engrained with American consumer culture whether it is a car, a home improvement, or a storage building.  

Many times, we hear, “I’m a cash buyer.”  However, convincing that prospect to let go of their cash is sometimes a different story.  Payment options such as Lease Purchase Agreements or Consumer Loans give the cash buyer the opportunity to keep their cash in the bank while getting the home improvement or building they want.  Win/win.

Simply having more payment options available causes consumers to buy more.  This is especially true when a customer is approved for more than their original request.  We have observed this multiple times with our portable building clients.  Larger approvals allow customers to buy bigger buildings, add more accessories, or in some cases, they purchase a second building!

The gap between contractors offering payment options to their clients and contractors without payment options is widening.  If we can help you close that gap, or if you have challenges with your existing financing provider, please reach out to Info@JMoneyLLC.com.

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