J Money, LLC BBB Business Review
J Money, LLC BBB Business Review

Are you waiting for your home improvement business to grow before adding financing? The
better question is, should you add financing to fuel your growth and success?

Are you a roofer, HVAC contractor, portable building contractor or some other type of home
improvement contractor? Regardless of the type of home improvement business, you want
your customer to focus on your product and feel empowered to purchase, rather than focusing
on the price. There’s no better way to shift this focus and grow your business than by offering a
payment plan for your services.

J Money combines a quarter century of banking experience with a passion for home
improvements to help contractors grow their business. By partnering with reputable contractors,
we create a seamless system where homeowners can not only envision their dream renovations
but also access tailored financing solutions through their builder to bring them to life.

Our financing solutions help you sell more by empowering your customer to make a
buying decision during your sales process. Instead of being overwhelmed by the financial
aspects of their renovation projects, homeowners can now focus on what truly matters: realizing
their vision for their homes.

Traditionally, securing financing for home renovations could be a cumbersome and time-
consuming process. However, we’re streamlining the process to ensure efficiency and
convenience for homeowners. and for you, the builder. Your customers can explore financing
options, submit applications, and receive approvals—all within the same platform. It’s
paperless and fast.

At J Money, we believe the question is not the chicken or the egg, it’s the Rooster that comes