J Money, LLC BBB Business Review
J Money, LLC BBB Business Review

Jamie Fletcher started The Son Flower Shack after losing her 24 yr old son to an accident in 2013. On Mother’s day before his passing, Zach gifted her a gerbera daisy. In fear of losing her precious gift, Jamie saved some of the seeds from the daisy and replanted them. After watering and nurturing these seeds to life, a sunflower bloomed. Jamie researched and found  that Gerbera Daisies and Sunflowers are actually in the same family, and sometimes can come from the same seed. Jamie was immediately reminded how she had strongly taken notice of sunflowers in the time right before losing Zach, even changing her computer lock screen to sunflowers. These signs from nature encouraged Jamie  to start The Son Flower Shack in memory of Zach.


For a while, Jamie struggled getting out of bed, but these signs from nature are what pushed her forward. Jamie started painting flower pots and planting flowers that she would sell at local farmer’s markets. Jamie found herself truly enjoying this time and she could feel Zach’s presence there with her while she worked. Jamie also enjoys thrifting different unique flower pots through yard sales, and her long drive to buy healthy flowers through the mennonites.


One day, while driving through town, Jamie noticed a shed sales lot and all of the sheds they had to offer. Jamie was able to design her very own shed to her liking that was perfect for all of her planting and painting projects. The shed included a french door, tons of windows, window boxes, and a gardening bench. This shack became the site of Jamie’s yearly spring open houses where you can buy pots, flowers, or simply visit and share your own stories.


This year marks Jamie’s fifth spring open house. This year’s open house takes place Saturday May 11th, the day before Mother’s Day. Partial proceeds from the open house and the rest of the season go towards providing care packages for other families in her area that have lost a child. Jamie works off of referrals as well as people she knows and she hand packages and delivers these care kits. The care kits include a book of meditations, a personalized candle, a card, and of course a custom painted pot  and flower. Thanks to everyone who purchases her potted flowers, Jamie has been able to supply a care package to every family that has been brought to her attention. This ranges anywhere from 2 to 10 families a year.


The Son Flower Shack in memory of Zach started out as a way for Jamie to feel close to her son once again. It started out as a way to relieve her own pain and give her a reason to get out of bed. The Son Flower Shack was and is her place of peace. Jamie is now able to share her place of peace and connect with others who have gone through the same hard times and relieve their pain with the same gift that Zach gave her.