J Money, LLC BBB Business Review
J Money, LLC BBB Business Review

The Son Flower Shack in memory of Zach

Jamie Fletcher started The Son Flower Shack after losing her 24 yr old son to an accident in 2013. On Mother’s day before his passing, Zach gifted her a gerbera daisy. In fear of losing her precious gift, Jamie saved some of the seeds from the daisy and replanted them. After watering and nurturing these seeds to life, a sunflower bloomed.

The Rooster comes first

Are you waiting for your home improvement business to grow before adding financing? The
better question is, should you add financing to fuel your growth and success?

Growing Your Business with Payment Options

Let’s start with the story of Ivan, a skilled salesperson of portable buildings.  Ivan’s customer needed storage, and a portable shed was the exact answer.  There was only one issue, this transaction was not going to happen without some type of financing.  Ivan helped...